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Circle D HP series 300mm 6L80 LS Torque Converter; 3200 - 3400 rpm - w/Billet Cover


300MM Model w/ Billet Cover

Very popular torque converter for 2010-2015 5th gen Camaro SS, Pontiac G8's, LS truck applications, LS swaps, restomods, and more!

This is the perfect torque converter for daily driven performance vehicles. Circle D has rated these units up to 750hp.


  • Billet Cover
  • Converter Diameter: 300mm - 11"
  • Stall Speed 3200-3400
  • Hand TIG Welded
  • Woven Carbon Lockup Clutch Lining
  • Heavy Duty Torrington Bearings
  • Exclusive CDS Bearing Retainer
  • Anti-Balloon Plate
  • Bearing Retainer