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APS CTS-V (V3) Flex Fuel Kit



 2016-2019 Cadillac CTS-V

Introducing the new and improved APS Flex fuel sensor kit. This is a 100% plug and play kit and comes with step by step directions  and a lifetime warranty against manufactured defects.

Install time is about 30min

(American Performance Specialties/South West Florida Tuning Solutions LLC) “APS”

This kit uses a genuine GM flex fuel sensor (Continental) OEM GM/Delphi sealed connectors/plugs and pins, OEM crimped terminals, SAE TXL 18gauge wire, noise damping and heat resistant loom, with E85 compatible Viton double O-ring cam locked leak proof fittings.

These kits are absolutely top of the line and will work with any capable GM operating system as well as any aftermarket engine management system such as AEM, F.A.S.T, Holley, Fitech and so on.

These kits are 100% plug & play but will require tuning to utilize the sensor and E85 fuel.

We only accept returns if the item purchased is defective. Damaged items or improperly used or installed kits will not be accepted for return.  Once we receive your return and verify its defective we will issue a replacement of the defective part or entire kit. No money refunds on kits already installed will be issued. Only replacements will be issued.