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TSP LS7 .750" POLISHED Dual Spring Kit w/ PAC Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, and Shims

The all new TSP .750" spring kit featuring PAC Racing 1209X valve springs is the newest offering in valve spring technology with the latest processes and material for maximum spring life.  PAC Racing is a leader in valve spring technology, so it was only natural to team up with the best in the valve spring industry for our latest offering in a valve spring kit!  PAC's 1209X dual valve spring is part of their RPM Series spring line up, and it has a max valve lift rating of .750"!  This is an excellent setup for any customer running aggressive lift with their hydraulic roller camshaft, as well as those running factory GM rocker arms with a low-lash solid roller camshaft!  PAC does recommend a quality aftermarket set of lifters with these valve springs.  OE lifters are not recommended.  This spring kit is an excellent choice for customers spinning 7,000+ RPM, endurance racing, and/or running 20+ psi of boost in their supercharged or turbocharged application.

Kit includes: Spring Seats, Valve Seals, polished Dual Springs, Titanium Retainers (utilizes GM factory valve stem locks, not included), and Shims for proper install height; This kit will NOT use the TSP integrated seat and seal. The seat and seal will be separate.


  • Install Height:   1.800"
  • Closed Spring Pressure: 160 lb. @ 1.800" Installed Height
  • Open Spring Pressure:  510 lb. @ 1.100" Height (.700" Lift)
  • Maximum Spring Lift: .750"
  • Coil Bind 1.000"